• Image of COMMISSION: PAINTED 11x17
  • Image of COMMISSION: PAINTED 11x17
  • Image of COMMISSION: PAINTED 11x17
  • Image of COMMISSION: PAINTED 11x17

In time for Christmas I'll be able to do a very limited number of commissions. ( In addition to some existing ones I need to finish! )

This is for 11x17 images only. See examples here for what to expect!

A3 in size almost ( US tabloid size, 11x17 inches ) pen, ink & watercolour. 2 characters max per composition.

I'll paint up whatever you want. *Except*:

Your own personal character design unless you have existing reference for it. ( Not for publishing purposes however, just original art )

Likenesses. I'm just not that great with them for the time needed.

Pets. I'm not that great at general animals. There's far better artists than me for that stuff and I want to give you my best work I'm known for!

After purchase, EMAIL ME bentemplesmith@gmail.com with the description of what you'd like, if you can't place a note of what you want with the order. ( PayPal doesn't appear to let you do that during checkout itself sometimes ) Don't worry, I can match names to the purchase easily enough!

And please please please make sure your paypal posting address matches where you want the actual art sent. Or make sure you let me know where it goes. :-)


Standard shipping outside the US will be Priority Mail, which comes with tracking. If you want cheaper, it's without tracking and is at your own risk sadly. Email beforehand to set something up if that's the case! I know shipping costs are horrible these days!

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